This Is A "Must Have" For Female Financial Advisors!
Ideal Client Capture Cheat Sheet
7 Pivotal Questions To Convert Prospects Into Clients In The FIRST Meeting

This is NOT for you if you're focused on building a downline or don't have a financial business.

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"This awesome tool helped me close more high net worth clients"  
- Erin Emnett, Financial Advisor
This Will Help You:
  • Empower prospects who are DISTRACTED by things like FEES and MARKET PERFORMANCE to focus on building wealth and achieving their financial goals.
  • Increase your AUM this year by getting more IDEAL CLIENTS faster than ever before.
  • Ask the RIGHT questions, so even high net worth prospects are motivated and READY TO HIRE YOU in the first meeting.
  • Turn a sales conversation into a TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE, so prospects WANT TO WORK WITH YOU but don't feel like they're being SOLD.
  • OPTIMIZE your initial conversation with potential clients, so that they TRUST you and want YOU to manage  ALL OF THEIR ASSETS.
  • Have engaging, meaningful conversations with anyone, anywhere so you become masterful at ATTRACTING & CLOSING NEW CLIENTS.
  • Give prospects so much value in the first 30 minutes that they become LOYAL FANS and LIFE-LONG CLIENTS and your best REFERRAL source, even if they don't become clients! 
This Tool Has Been Used By Women At The Following Companies:
"In the past, I was doing financial plans for free, thinking I shouldn't charge clients if I'm getting paid for money management. After learning Robyn's system, I knew I deserved to get paid! I followed the steps and closed a $2,000 financial plan, just like that!

In the last 6 months, I've increased my income by 25%!"

-Kathleen Owings, CFP®
Would you like to get more Ideal Clients and make a bigger difference?
What this tool will teach you:
How to convert prospects into clients in the first meeting. Specifically, you will learn the 7 Pivotal Questions You MUST Ask, so you don't waste time or chase prospects away. 

This 7 page cheat sheet goes through each questions and includes an in-depth explanation of their importance and how they will help your clients get a ton of value during this meeting. 
You won't see anything like this taught in the industry.
But don't worry, I have used this myself to make over $1M/year and I've tested it with all my financial professional clients... THIS REALLY WORKS!
This is designed for women!
Finally, an invaluable business tool that is totally customized for women and specifically for the financial industry. 
*This is greatly needed in this overly male-dominated marketplace...
About Robyn Crane, CFP®
Robyn Crane, CFP® is a renowned speaker, best-selling author and host of the podcast, “Growing Your Financial Business…The Woman’s Way.” 
With a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success, she is a sought-after business coach for financial professionals. Her engaging and inspiring keynote speeches have been featured at major conferences such as the FPA Conference, WIFS,Guardian Life, Prudential Financial and Traffic & Conversion. 

Robyn has shared the stage and/or podcasts with thought leaders: Richard Branson, Mel Robbins, Michael Kitces, Grant Cardone, and Rachel Cruze. She has been featured in prominent publications such as O, Oprah magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Wall St. Journal, and on national news networks including ABC, NBC, and Fox Business News. 

As an expert in mindset, marketing and sales, Robyn has become a leading voice in the industry.

This is NOT for you if you're focused on building a downline or don't have a financial business.

  • Robyn uses a super smooth sales process, that adds a ton of value. She is focused on how it will help you, even if you don't work with her. As a past prospect of Robyn's I can truly say, that she genuinely was discovering if there was a fit, not trying to sell me. And as you probably guessed, I hired and my income just keeps going up!
- Brie Sodano, 
Financial Advisor @ Lux Financial
  • “I increased my commissions by $3500 a month after applying just one of Robyn’s strategies! Then I landed a $5 Million Dollar account, bringing in another $8K/m in revenue!”
- Mary Beth Fanelli, 
Financial Advisor @ Wells Fargo
Brie Sodano, Financial Advisor
Increased income by 4X since learning this system!
Michelle Quay, CFP® 
Closed A $900K Fee-Based Account - In The First Meeting!
Peggy D., Financial Advisor
Closed a $5,000 financial plan for the first time!

This is NOT for you if you're focused on building a downline or don't have a financial business.

- Fay Keane-Headley
Financial Advisor @ Edward Jones

“I work in a predominantly male dominated industry. It's awesome to get new ideas that are new and fresh and pertinent to our industry. 

I was able to gather $1 Million Dollars of NEW Assets Under Management!”
- Megan Feulner-Hauser
Financial Advisor @ Merrill Lynch

“Robyn provides a plan and process that’s not available in the industry! After learning Robyn's sales system, I netted $9K in LTC policies and secured a $400K rollover.”

This is NOT for you if you're focused on building a downline.

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